3D X-Ray

Technology That Precisely Captures Accurate 3D Views of the Teeth and Jaws

Ultra Low Dose 3D X-Rays

Grubaugh Orthodontics has implemented ultra-low dose 3D x-ray.

X-ray technology at both our DeWitt and Lansing offices. This allows Dr Grubaugh to precisely capture accurate 3D views of the teeth and the jaws at 75 % LESS exposure compared to 2D low dosage digital orthodontic X-rays.

3D xrays give more accurate and undistorted views to diagnosis and treatment plan with a greater amount of precision then provided with films from a traditional 2D xray machine. The scan allows us visualize any abnormalities in tooth eruption, tooth formation, and tooth position with unparalleled accuracy. The views of the patient go beyond just the teeth but provide views of the patient’s airways.

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